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We provide you with quality and a high standard of work with every single project that we work on.

Metal Works

We have worked on retail, commercial and industrial projects when it comes to metal works. Regardless of how big or small the job might be we will take it on and finish it at the agreed upon time. From the very first on-site visit we will provide you with an expert quotation and professional advice and suggestions to make sure that each project takes off on a good start and finishes off even better. We aim to exceed your expectations with the kind of work that we provide and we are sure you will be quite pleased with the end result. We have designed and finished beautiful gates, balconies as well as staircases and whether you like a special design or a simple one, we will deliver each time.

Gypsum Works

We specialise in gypsum work and will provide you with any design that you decide on. Upon coming to your premises we will provide you with our advice regarding the project and if it can be done, after which we will ensure to finish the work within the agreed upon date. Through the years we have worked in many homes and places of business, therefore, you can rest assured that we have met every type of situation, making us experts when it comes to gypsum works. We work on flat ceilings, stepped ceilings, bulkheads, partitions, wall units, curved bulkheads, wall linings and coving. 

Why choose gypsum

One of the most important features of gypsum is the fact that it can be modeled easily into what you need, be it a wall unit, a type of ceiling that you would like or even a partition between rooms. Gypsum ensures that you do not have to go through too much hassle and spend too much money to achieve the home you have always dreamed of. Another very important aspect is the fact that it is fire resistant and will prevent a fire from spreading for up to 4 hours.


Gypsum is also ideal for those who do not want sound to carry. It works as an insulator for sound and therefore, can be the perfect option for your sound system. The versatility and the economic factor of this material is why people are choosing to use gypsum in their homes, so contact us today for more information and we are sure that you won’t be disappointed. 

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